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About the Face & Body Mists 🌹

I have 3 blends available, each connected to different chakras. The base of each spray is refreshing and pure spring water from the Jungle here in Goa 🌿🌟 I continue by cleansing and charging this water in the Moonlight 🌕

These are my special blends ❤


FRESH VISION - Higher Chakras
For a clear mind. A change of perspective. Calming the mind.

Cooling and refreshing effect.
- A blend of Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential Oils. Infused with fresh Kashmiri Lavender Buds!


SWEET HEART - Heart Chakra
A floral blend to encourage compassion balance and understanding.

A sweet reminder to love yourself.
- Rosewater blended with Rose, Jasmine and Lotus Essential Oils. With a few drops of Eucalyptus oil for a refreshing effect!


PURE & CLEANSE - Lower Triangle
This is a powerful one! To ground yourself. To cleanse and to purify.

Great to remove negative energies.
- Sage infused Spring water with Sandalwood and Palo Santo Essential Oil. 

Face & Body Mist

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