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Now available! Loos chips of Palo Santo!

Easy to keep in a jar and comes with a bowl to burn your pieces in.
Easy dosing & better preserving. Same trusted high quality!


Jar contains 32 gram. 



Palo Santo is a holy wood, the smoke it releases once burned is said to remove negative energies. Can be used to cleanse your home, workspace, Temple & Yoga area, or just around you if you feel you need a little refresher & kick me upper! 

Please Note! Lots of "fake" Palo Santo in the market these days.

As the demand for cleansing, purifying & healing products increases, lot of places are now farming the Palo Santo tree and cutting it down for selling purposes.


Our Palo Santo is Sustainably Sourced from Ecuador.

Which means the wood is collected once it's naturally fallen onto the ground. The oil that releases when burning the wood, can only be used for medicinal and rituatlistic purposes when the wood has been laying on the forrest ground for aournd 6 to 7 YEARS. Yes, YEARS. So the wood you will be burning is at least that old. In this timeframe the oil inside the wood becomes stronger and is contained. You can smell the difference immediately. 

Palo Santo Jar & Burn Bowl

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