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essential oils


is know for its grounding and calming and nurturing benefits. can improve alertness, help to relax and gain mental clarity 


can improve focus, help circulation and is a great stress reliever. Very beneficial to use for a facial steam to open the airways

Tea Tree

Tea Tree is great for skin and scalp care

Known for its antibacterial benefits

And great to improve respiratory system - use in a steam bath! Natural mosquito repellent too! 


Once you try this one, you will never want any other Jasmine oil! Great to nurish your skin, hair & scalp.


A lovely floral and sweet aroma! 

Great for relaxation, self love & inner peace. 

All our essential oils are extracted using steam distillation.

natural organic and highly concentrated

Essential oils can be used in various ways
• Apply directly onto the skin or scalp
• A few drops in your favourite carrier oil to create a massage oil
• Can be used in a diffuser to enrich your home with wonderful aromas
• A few drops in your bathtub for a spa-like aromatic experience 
• An unscented candle can become your favourite scented candle by adding a few drops into the melted wax (I've got organic Soy Wax Candles available, perfect combo!)
• Beneficial addition for meditation - yoga - massages - breathwork

all essential oils come in a 5ml dropper bottle


A must have in your essential oil collection!

Lavender is great for relaxation! Improves sleep and I would highly advice a few drops in your bathtub for a spa-like experience!

Has a soothing & calming effect.


Great booster for the Respiratory System

Rub a single drop in the palms of your hands and inhale deeply.

Great for a facial steam too.

Ylang Ylang

This is a sweet one! Can help to boost self esteem, for relaxation & de-stressing!


Great to use for meditation, massages and yoga practice. It is known for is relaxation and calming effects  Can help to concentrate and to relax body & mind


A sweet aroma for self love, harmony  & balance. Great for heart opening.


palo santo essential oil

the highest quality, most purifying aroma you will find!

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