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About the Essential Oils 🌹


All oils are extracted from high quality ingredients using steam distillation.

Pure. Organic. Natural.
Free from chemicals and alcohol


Essential oils can be used in various ways
• Apply directly onto the skin or scalp
• A few drops in your favourite carrier oil to create a massage oil
• Can be used in a diffuser to enrich your home with wonderful aromas
• A few drops in your bathtub for a spa-like aromatic experience 
• An unscented candle can become your favourite scented candle by adding a few drops into the melted wax (I've got organic Soy Wax Candles available, perfect combo!)
• Beneficial addition for meditation - yoga - massages - breathwork

Possibilities are endless!


I have got the following essential oils available:
♡ Sandalwood
♡ Rosemary
♡ Tea Tree
♡ Jasmine
♡ Frangipani
♡ Eucalyptus 
♡ Lavender
♡ Ylang Ylang 
♡ Lotus
♡ Rose

♡ Mango

♡ Paijat
♡ Lemongrass

Essential Oil

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