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About the Palo Santo Essential Oil 🌹

We have improved the Steam Distillation process using the top branches of the tree only. These  branches receive the most sunlight and therefore contain the highest grade resin for an absolute insane quality of essential oil!!


Pure. Organic. Natural.
Free from chemicals and alcohol


Essential oils can be used in various ways
• Apply directly onto the skin or scalp
• A few drops in your favourite carrier oil to create a massage oil
• Can be used in a diffuser to enrich your home with wonderful aromas
• A few drops in your bathtub for a spa-like aromatic experience 
• An unscented candle can become your favourite scented candle by adding a few drops into the melted wax (I've got organic Soy Wax Candles available, perfect combo!)
• Beneficial addition for meditation - yoga - massages - breathwork

Possibilities are endless!



Palo Santo Essential Oil

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