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handrolled incense

My love for aromas started years back

but I could never find an incense that i liked

 most of the incense i tried would even give me headaches 

then i realized that most of the general incense is mass produced, factory made and even have chemicals inside 

why do we allow ourselves to inhale that?

so i started my own journey into aromatics and am proud to present you with my unique and wonderful recipe

a handrolled incense stick that enriches your space

with long lasting aromas!

each stick is handrolled with love using essential oils. completely natural organic and vegan!

(other handrolled incense often use honey or ghee)

join the Jampa Creations
Incense Family 

individual packs

combo deals

available in the following aromas


A rich warm and full aroma great for grounding


a floral, sweeter and more gentle aroma. perfect for meditation relaxation and yoga

Nag Champa

a strong and more intense aroma, great for activation


an unique aroma with hints of sweetness

I am so excited, enthusiastic and confident in the quality

of my product and I hope you will love it too


Comes in

a lovely gift pack of 16 sticks

a refill pack of 50 sticks

a tube that contains 50 sticks

For the incense lovers: Try our combo deals!

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