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Handcrafted Beautiful & Unique Macrame Necklace


Time for something new. A fresh start. With confidence and allowing the waves to guide you. Do not paddle against the waves, against your emotions, against nature. Just allow to flow. Get excited! A big swell is coming. Time for change. Embrace it. 


This piece consist of a big Moonstone Pendant and 2 Backpieces, Larimar & Turquoise

Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings! And wauw a moonstone of this size will skyrocket you into a new beginning!! It is said to help with balancing emotions and to help gain inner strenght and help with stability. 

Larimar - the stone of the ocean, one of my favourites to work with! Larimar helps me to remind that life comes in waves. Everything is circular in life.  Emotions are like waves, our planets are circular, the sun, the moon, our female cycles. Waves come and go. 

And what can we use most for new beginnings, a new cycle, a new wave. Some good fortune! Tibetan Turquoise is a grounding and highly spiritual stone that helps to balance and is said to bring  good fortune to the wearer. 


Adjustable in Lenght. Handmade with Love.


Contact me for any custom designs! 

An Inspiring Swell - Necklace

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