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Get the best of both!! 


1 bundle of Palo Santo

1 bundle of White Sage


For the ultimate cleanse experience 


A sacred wood from South America. Sustainably Sourced from EcuadorThis wood from the Palo Santo tree has fallen naturally and been kept on the ground for 5-7 years for the oils to mature and be of this high ceremonial grade used by the Shamans in South America. The smoke released once burning cleanses negative energies, purifies the space and helps to ground.


Light one end of the wood, wait untill red glowing and blow on the stick.

You can use the smoke to cleanse you space or smudge yourself.



Californian White Sage is the highest quality Sage you can find

Traditionally used by the indigenous people from America, burning Sage is said to cleanse and purify negative energies. Perfect for grounding, calming and to arrive in the present.

Use in meditation and yoga practices.Smudging and the power of fire and smoke has been used for centuries by healers, shamans and tribes


Advice is to un-bundle your Sage and keep in an airtight jar.

Take the amount of leaves required and burn them on anything fireproof.


Happy Cleansing!

SMUDGE COMBO - Palo Santo & White Sage

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