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smudge & cleanse

Palo Santo
from Ecuador

Our Palo Santo is Sustainably Sourced from Ecuador.

Which means the wood is collected once it's naturally fallen onto the ground. The oil that releases when burning the wood, can only be used for medicinal and rituatlistic purposes when the wood has been laying on the forrest ground for aournd 6 to 7 YEARS. Yes, YEARS. So the wood you will be burning is at least that old. In this timeframe the oil inside the wood becomes stronger and is contained. You can smell the difference immediately. 

Smudge. Cleanse. Heal. Purify

Palo Santo

White Sage

Sage has been used for centuries by indigenous people in South America. the smoke that releases when burning is used to cleanse, to purify, to heal a space.

A remover of Negative Energies.

White Sage from California is the softest, purest and highest quality Sage you can find! 

White Sage
from California

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